Behold Your God

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Behold Your God

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     "Jesus makes it clear that we have been created sons and daughters of God and that that relationship has to do with more than bare human existence. We were and are created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27), that is, to function as His created children in reflecting Him. People become what they have been created to be when they function as the image of God (Matthew 5.45; Luke 6:35-36).
     I don’t need help to understand that there is unutterable suffering and abuse, cruelty and corruption in this world. I’m aware too that those who experience it at the deeper levels, day in and day out all their lives, don’t care what we call it or how we explain how it all came about. They just want it to stop and whatever or whoever brings that about and gives them some peace to live out the rest of their days will have their gratitude and maybe worship. Then they will grow older and feebler and die. I have no criticism for those in ceaseless pain and despair who would gladly settle for a happy life and a permanent sleep but I’ve come to believe that God has so much more to offer that if people heard it and could receive it that they would, even with sobs, think the anguish was worth bearing.
     There is truth in this book about the Magnificent God and may He bless us with the richer vision of Himself that He has given and is giving to my exulting friend who made me happy this day." – Jim McGuiggan



Jim McGuiggan, a native of Belfast, North Ireland, is a serious and prolific writer. Jim taught for a number of years, first in the British Bible School, and then at Sunset School of Preaching (now Sunset International Bible Institute). His books are composed in a conversational manner and exhibit keen insight into the Scriptures. In addition to his work as an author and teacher, Jim is a dynamic and provacative speaker. His care for people makes his writing and speaking meaningful and useful as he presents the truths of scripture, the love of Christ, and practical lessons for daily life.


1. The Incarnate God
2. Be Holy as I am Holy?
3. The Living God
4. The God Who was Hanged
5. But Now is Christ Risen
6. Reconciliation & Forgiveness
7. Jesus: The Alpha & the Omega
8. Resurrection & Ascension?
9. The God Who Came Preaching
10. The Church & Her Response
11. When Death is not Death

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Additional Information

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Subtitle Reflections on the God and Father of Jesus Christ
Author/Speaker Jim McGuiggan
ISBN 978-1-938335-97-6
Translator No
Language English
Pages 282
Binding Paperback
Publisher Sunset Institute Press
Copyright 2017
Edition No
Print Date No