Enter The Water Come To The Table

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Enter The Water Come To The Table

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Baptism and the Lord's supper are more than rituals of passage; they are means of deep fellowship with God. John Mark Hicks shows how our baptism and meetings at the table grouw out of Jesus' experience and how they reflect, embody, and radiate the gospel in its fullness.

Inside you'll find:

* Indepth treatment of Scripture - from Creation to Revelation

* A clear presentation of what God is doing in baptism and at the table

* Practical suggestions for how to plan a baptismal service

* A step-by step guide to a meaningful experience of the Lord's supper

Be prepared to be surprised at how these ancient practices fit into God's saving story.

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by John Mark Hicks
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Additional Information

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Subtitle Baptism and the Lord's Supper in Scripture's Story of New Creation
Author/Speaker John Mark Hicks
ISBN 978-0-89112-483-2
Translator No
Language English
Pages 173
Binding Paperback
Publisher ACU
Copyright 2014
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