Adult Studies

Adult Bible Study Resources

As your congregation searches for adult material for Bible classes, consider adopting some of Sunset's fresh and different Adult Studies for your education program. Designed and tested for adult Bible classes, small group and personal study.

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Journey into a Joy-Filled Life (#5298), by Clark Tatum – 13 Lessons in Philippians exploring the Bible principles which produce joy and devotion to Christ.

Journey into a Faith-Filled Life (#1288), by Clark Tatum – 13 Lessons on the faith-filled lives of followers of God talked about in Hebrews 11.

Journey into a Fruit-Filled Life (#1383) – 13 Lessons on letting the fruit of the Holy Spirit fill each believer’s heart and life.

Journey into a Hope-Filled Life (#1400), by Clark Tatum – 13 Lessons direct us to the source of real hope in a study of Ephesians & beyond.



I, Paul: An Apostle’s Story (#5160), printed study guide by Richard Cravy – 10 Lesson study of the life, ministry, death and lasting effect of the Apostle Paul. Also available as an MP3 Audio CD Set (#5394).

Worship His Majesty: A Study on the True Nature of Christian Worship (#4643) , printed study guide by Richard Cravy – 14 Lessons focusing on the core meaning of worship rather than just current controversies. Also available as an Audio CD Set (#4644).

Satan and His Dark Kingdom (#4460) , printed study guide by Richard Cravy – 12 Lessons about Satan’s origin, work, current influence and final defeat. Also available as an MP3 Audio CD Set (#1222).

Pictures from Christian History (#5383), printed study guide by Richard Cravy – 12 Lessons giving an overview of positive lessons to learn from 2,000 years of Christianity. Also available as an MP3 Audio CD Set (#5393).



The Love of Christ (#940), printed study guide by Richard Rogers & Bill Yasko – 14 Lesson study guide using “A Home Study Approach” for maturing new believers.

Christian Development (#939), printed study guide by Richard Rogers & Bill Yasko – 52 Lesson, full-year classroom study for new believers.

Spiritual Giftedness, by Doug Hamilton – A textbook (#4512), study guide (#4674), and DVD series (#4673) to lead Christians to use their God-given gifts and find their place of service in the Kingdom of God.

A War to Be Won (#4415), book by Kerry W. Williams – 13 Lessons on spiritual warfare: including our enemy, the war itself and Christians as soldiers of Christ.



Jesus: My All in All (#3637), book by Gerald Paden – 17 Lessons on the nature and redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

His Eternal Plan (#453), printed study guide by Jerry Tallman – 12 Lesson guide for study to bring people to faith. Also available as a DVD series (#829).

The Four Pillars of Evangelism (#4785), book by C. L. Thomas – 20 Lessons teaching “Simple steps to help any child of God evangelize just like Jesus.”

One on One… for Everyone (#4973), book by C. L. Thomas – 10 Lessons helping any Christian to teach someone the Gospel.

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