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Becoming a student with Sunset International Bible Institute's External Studies program enables you to take our courses and be recognized for your achievement. You will be blessed with spiritual enrichment as you study from any of our dozens of courses.

Enrollment. To enroll as a student with Sunset External Studies, simply download and print the application file below. Then, send it in to the address given in the application.

Once enrolled, you can take courses either through a SIBI Satellite School, or simply on your own. There are also levels of credit available: you may audit courses or take them for SIBI credit. If you are taking a course on your own (not through a Satellite School) and would like to receive SIBI credit, there is a section of the application that will need to be completed by someone who is willing to be your test administrator. See the application for more details, or call 800-687-2121.

Download it here:
Student Application