Christianity Stands True

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Dr. Lynn Gardner provides a solid, yet very readable defense of the Christian faith. In this great study you will find solid evidence that will give confidence to your faith.

A skeptic taunted a Christian, "Believers are touchy and offended when asked if they believe in Christianity because the awkward truth is that they have no reason, they just feel like believing.”

But we do have good evidence for believing that Christianity is true! Faith is not “believing what you know isn’t so,” as a child misunderstood. Faith is trust based on sufficient evidence!

Christianity Stands True, A Common Sense Look at the Evidence presents evidences which support the truth of Christianity. Anyone honestly seeking the truth will learn the basis of the Christian faith. Any Christian reading this book will have their confidence strengthened that Christianity is true.

“Christianity Stands True by Gardner is an excellent introduction to Christian apologetics. The book is quick moving…it holds the reader’s attention. Dr. Gardner’s writing style…weaves humor in with some heavy content. He also has researched his topic well as is evidenced by the notes.”
-James Stambaugh, M. Div., M.S.L. Librarian, Institute for Creation Research

Christian rings true in life as it meets the needs of the human heart for meaning, freedom, peace, love, and hope! Christianity does in fact stand true!

Lynn Gardner seeks to meet this challenge head-on. In simple convincing style he presents the claims of the gospel and calls the unbeliever to rethink his unexamined philosophy of life. He challenges the non-Christian to consider the facts of life and square them honestly with what he believes. He challenges the non-Christian to be consistent and to turn to a valid understanding of God, the world and man – in short to a Christian world-and-life view that is internally consistent and fits the realities of the universe about us.

In presenting this material Lynn Gardner does a remarkable job of explaining even complex problems with clarity, humor and apt illustrations that add up to a fascinating and convincing case for the truth in Christianity. Pastors, Sunday school teachers and lay persons who are concerned to meet the intellectual challenge of unbelievers will find this book invaluable. We need to be ready to give a reason for the hope within us to all those who deep down inside themselves know they need and, in fact, deeply long for the very message we Christians want to give them. – excerpt from the Foreword
Kenneth S. Kantzer Trinity Christian University

About the Author...

Lynn Gardner, Ed.D., is currently Professor of Apologetics at Ozark Christian College, Joplin, Missouri. Dr. Gardner has earned a B.Th. from Ozark Christian College, a B.A. from California State College, an M.A. from Wheaton Graduate School and has earned his Ed.D. from the University of Arkansas. He is the author of Twenty-Six Lessons of Luke, Part 1; Ozark Christian College: A Vision of Teaching the Word of Christ in the Spirit of Christ; co-author of Learning from God's Word; and editor of The Mind of Christ: A Tribute to Seth Wilson.

Lynn Gardner
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A Common Sense Look at the Evidence