Loves God, Likes Girls

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Loves God, Likes Girls

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"Being a late bloomer, I didn't realize what the confusion within me was until my sophomore year in college. When I had a dream about a girl. In many ways, it was a perfectly sweet and innocent dream, with a twist: the girl and I were on a date and I was the boy.

I told my friends, making a joke out of the dream, and everyone laughed. What I didn't tell them was how the dream made me feel. I felt more comfortable living out this masculine persona than I did living a a girl. I wondered why I dreamt something like that. What did it mean?"

For many Christians who experience some-sex attraction, wrestling with these feeling in light of faith is a lonely and painful journey. Sally Gary's touching memoir is one woman's recollection of her own journey.

Rather than providing cookie-cutter answers as to why someone experiences same-sex attraction and how to "make it go away," Loves God, Likes Girls gives one woman's perspective on the experiences over a lifetime that impacted the development of her sexuality.
Her story emphasizes that those who experience same-sex attraction are longing for safe places to explore questions, to find community, and to grow deeper in relationship with God.

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A Memoir by Sally Gary
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Additional Information

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Subtitle A "haunting, heart-wrenching, and beautiful memoir"
Author/Speaker Sally Gary
ISBN 978-0-89112-359-0
Translator No
Language English
Pages 239
Binding Paperback
Publisher Leafwood Publisher
Copyright 2013
Edition No
Print Date No