New Testament Greek 1, Crouch - Digital Streaming & Download

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Instructor: Dr. Leon Crouch

This course is designed to help anyone learn New Testament Greek grammar, either in the classroom or through self-study. The lessons are arranged for easy learning and provide the basis for more advanced study. This study will open new doors of understanding that challenge and motivate towards a more dedicated service.

The New Testament Greek I SIBI Studio Course contains 24 lessons. Listed below are the lessons included in the course.


1. Alphabet, Accents, Punctuation
2. Introduction to Verbs – Present Indicative Active
3. Introduction to Nouns – Second Declension
4. Nouns of the First Declension
5. Present Middle and Passive Indicative
6. Adjectives of the First and Second Declension
7. Prepositions
8. Postpositives, Personal Pronouns, Enclitics Present Indicative of
9. Demonstrative Pronouns
10. Deponent Verbs, Compound Verbs Present Infinitives, Various Cases with Verbs
11. Imperfect Indicative Active
12. Imperfect Indicative Middle & Passive – More uses of screenshot-2023-02-03-at-11.02.29-am.png
13. Future Indicative Active and Middle Principle Parts of Verbs
14. First Aorist Indicative Active & Middle
15. Second Aorist Indicative Active and Middle
16. Aorist Passive Indicative
17. Third Declension Nouns
18. Third Declension Nouns, II
19. Participles: The Present, Middle and Passive
20. Participles: Continued
21. Aorist Passive Participles
22. Infinitives, Adverbs, Use of Indirect Discourse
23. Subjunctive Mode, use of screenshot-2023-02-03-at-11.08.03-am.png
24. Contract Verbs, first Aorist Liquid Verbs




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