Power of Biblical Thinking (Kindle Edition)

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This book is being offered as a resource for Skilled Helpers, who are leaders in the church, and the workplace, for the purpose of developing people skills in order to assist others dealing with life’s everyday problems.  We refer to the Bible as the ultimate source of authority and with the realization that only God has the answers to our problems because He is the Great Creator.
 The study of psychology is a valid pursuit.  The term psychology refers to the study of the mind, and since God created the mind, it is as important to study the laws that apply to it, as it is to study the laws that apply to the body in physiology. 
 Anything God has created has, by definition, laws that apply to it.  Skilled Helpers should be aware of these laws in order to make sound judgments in reference to the violations of such laws and their consequences.
 Skilled Helpers also need to realize that they cannot help everyone and some people will not respond positively to their efforts.  When the people we try to help are willing to put forth the effort and grow, it can be very rewarding for the Skilled Helper and a positive result for the spiritual and emotional health of the people he/she helps (Proverbs 15:22). 
 Being a Skilled Helper involves more than diagnosing a problem, it also involves supporting, confronting and directing a hurting person through the healing process.  Only God can supply the answers needed in these areas.  We do not believe in non-directive counseling or guilt-ridden therapy.
 We do believe in a God who confronts us in our sins, forgives us when we repent, and loves us unconditionally.  We believe in the power of prayer and that God responds to our needs when we sincerely come to Him in submission to His will (I John 5:14, 15).

Ken Wilson
Kindle (MOBI)
Sunset Institute Press