Spiritual Living for Ministers - Scott - Digital Streaming & Download

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Instructor: Dr. Truman Scott

As messengers of the gospel of Christ, ministers, missionaries, teachers, and all church leaders need to especially watch both their life and doctrine. This course by Dr. Truman Scott focuses on this need among bearers of the gospel.

The Spiritual Living for Ministers SIBI Studio Course contains 24 lessons. Listed below are the lessons included in the course.


1. Choose the Way of the Cross
2. Choose a lifestyle of Repentance
3. Choose to be a Man of the Book
4. Choose to be a Servant Believer
5. Choose to be Forgiving in Heart
6. Choose Wholeness as a Lifestyle
7. Choose the Pathway to Freedom in Christ
8. Choose to be at Home with God
9. Revisiting Documents in the Old Testament (1)
10. Revisiting Documents in the Old Testament (2)
11. Revisiting Documents in the New Testament (1)
12. Revisiting Documents in the New Testament (2)
13. Revisiting Documents in the New Testament (3)
14. Choose to Be a Noble and Loving Husband
15. Choose to Honor God with an Affair Free Marriage
16. Choose to Make a Father's Imprint
17. Choose to Embrace Grand-Parenthood
18. Choose to Love the Brethren
19. Choose to Pursue the Presence of God in Prayer
20. Choose Self-Discipline
21. Choose to Claim the Gifts of God in Ministry
22. Choose to Transform Conflict into Unity
23. Choose to Grasp the Vision of God
24. Choose to Be a Church Builder



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