Sunset Complete Bible Library for e-Sword (Windows)

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The Sunset Complete Bible Library for e-Sword (Windows version) includes Sunset’s entire textbook library covering 26 New Testament books plus Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament. 10 additional non-commentary resources on Counseling, Interpretation, Evidences, and Leadership are also included for a total of 33 volumes in digital format just for e-Sword. Over 7,800 pages in print with a total value of $500!

The FREE e-Sword Bible Software program for Windows is the most used Bible software in the world, having been downloaded from the website millions of times by users in every country of the world. The e-Sword software program itself is available only from the e-Sword website, not from our bookstore.



  1. Insert flash drive into USB port on Windows computer, OR download files from and “unzip.”
  2. With e-Sword already installed on your computer, select each file in the WINDOWS and “drag and drop” or COPY to the C:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword folder on your computer.
  3. Start (or re-start) e-Sword. Your Sunset Library files will appear as SIBI and McGuiggan tabs in the Commentary Window, or in the TOOLS -> REFERENCE LIBRARY Window.


  1. E-Sword must already be installed on your computer. With the flash drive plugged into your Windows computer or files downloaded to your Downloads folder, double-click on the esword_Windows_module_installer.exe on flash drive to install it. (Alternately, this program can be obtained free at after you create a free login account.)
  2. Now, double-click on each different Sunset book file in the Windows folder of the flash drive; the book will be installed into e-Sword.
  3. Start (or re-start) e-Sword. Your Sunset Library files will appear as SIBI and McGuiggan tabs in the Commentary Window, or in the TOOLS -> REFERENCE LIBRARY Window.

Here are a few other things you need to know:

  • 1. This version of the Sunset Complete Library works only with e-Sword 10.1 and later. We recommend the current Version 12.1 for the best overall experience with e-Sword. You can determine which version you have in e-Sword by clicking on HELP, then ABOUT in the top row of menus. The latest version can be downloaded free at
  • 2. This version of the Sunset Complete Liberary only works with the Microsoft Windows version of e-Sword, not with e-Sword X for the Macintosh, e-Sword HD for the iPad, or e-Sword LT for iPhone.

Contact Information: Richard Cravy ( for technical support


Life of Christ - Richard Rogers
John - Doyle Gilliam
Acts - Abe Lincoln
Romans - Richard Rogers
I Corinthians - Abe Lincoln
II Corinthians - Abe Lincoln
Galatians (Freed for Freedom) - Ed Wharton
Ephesians - Gerald Paden
Philippians - Doyle Gilliam
Colossians & Philemon - Bob Martin
I & II Thessalonians - Doyle Gilliam
I & II Timothy - Tex Williams
Hebrews - Gerald Paden
James - Ron Bontrager
I & II Peter - Ted Stewart
I, II & III John - Gerald Paden
Revelation - Richard Rogers

Bible History I - Richard Rogers
Psalms - Charles Speer
Isaiah - Richard Rogers
Jeremiah & Lamentations - Dayton Keesee
Daniel - Ted Stewart
Minor Prophets - Richard Rogers

The Case for Historical Christianity - Ed Wharton
New Discoveries That Confirm the Bible - Ted Stewart
Bible History II - Richard Rogers
Levitical Sacrificial System - Gerald Paden
Introduction to Christian Counseling - Truman Scott
Leader-Strong Churches - Truman Scott
Excellence in Leadership - Richard Rogers
Biblical Theology of Missions - Richard Rogers
Spiritual Living for Ministers - Truman Scott