Worth's Income Tax Guide for Ministers: 2019

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This book is only used for instruction in the classroom.  It is always at least one year out of date and not intended to be used for preparing the current year's income tax. It allows the reader to understand the basics of the US federal tax system as it applies to ministers. Specifics of the laws change each year, so we do not recommend using this as the only guide to preparing taxes.

Ministers and other church employees are subject to special U.S. tax regulations. Virtually every year, new tax rulings affect the way that they should file their taxes. A working knowledge of these rules can help the minister save money--and that helps the church save money. Worth's Income Tax Guide for Ministers helps church workers comply with the latest tax laws. Includes step-by-step instructions for setting up the minister's compensation package to save tax dollars. Includes samples of completed payroll reports, W-2s, and tax returns, showing the church treasurer and minister what documents to file, how to file and when to file them.

The Worth series has been the gold standard for ministers and other ministry workers for many years.