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Sunset Classroom DVD Sets – Half Price Sale!
Visit the Extension School store website and find almost all of our Sunset Classroom DVD sets on sale for HALF PRICE! This includes titles such as Bible History I & II, Acts, Isaiah, Daniel & Ezekiel, Gospel of John, Sacrificial System, Romans, Revelation, and more. Hear and see teachers you know and trust like Richard Rogers, Gerald Paden, Dayton Keesee, Abe Lincoln and Victor Ellison. There are too many titles to list here – go to http://extensionschool.com to see them all.


Spiritual Giftedness

Spiritual Giftedness – by Doug Hamilton

A new book by a gifted author entitled Spiritual Giftedness has just been released by Sunset Institute Press. This book is a significant work on the Spiritual gifts and how they relate to each one of us and to local churches. It is not only filled with instruction and information but also contains numerous examples to bring the lessons alive and to make the book enjoyable to read. Doug Hamilton is the author and seminar teacher of the material contained in this book.

#4512 Spiritual Giftedness – Paperback, 240 pages – $15.99 SALE $13.99

Securing the FaithfulSecuring the Faithful – by Rick Arrington, CPS, NCPS II
Written by a church elder and Crime Prevention Specialist, this book provides direction and implementation for better protecting both the members of the church, and the building itself. Includes sections on burglary, robbery, violent attackers, and protection. Also maps out strategies for a volunteer security team, formal policies for building and meeting use, and more. In a time when both crime and violent attacks on people and houses of faith seem to be increasing, this is a vital source of guidance and information for every church and church ministry.

#4620 Securing the Faithful – Paperback, 167 pages – $10.99 SALE $8.99


Soul WinningSoul Winning with Jesus – by Mickey Chambliss
Dedicated to helping Christians fulfill the Great Commission, this book provides both a plan and the materials used by the author to teach and baptize those with whom he studies. Divided into three sections, it covers (1) teaching believers why they should evangelize, (2) what the unbeliever needs to be taught, and (3) an “open Bible study” plan to study with those who are seeking truth. This is not a book of clever techniques, rather a plan emphasizing that “faith comes by hearing the Word of God and that the Gospel “is the power of God unto salvation.” Printed as 8.5 x 11 book.

#4454 Soul Winning with Jesus – Paperback, 184 pages – $16.99 SALE $14.99