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Take advantage of our sale prices to learn more from God's Word, build your library, prepare for that next Bible class series, or purchase a gift for someone special. Prices are good until the first day of summer. Feel free to order online, over the phone, or by mail.

New Releases for Sale. 


Satan and His Dark Kingdom, by Richard Cravy – Audio CD Set & separate Study Guide

A 12 lesson study series on the Prince of This World. Covers his origin, kingdom, power, methods, limits and final end. Available as 12 audio lessons on 6 CDs in album. Separate 12 lesson study guide is a 32 page 8.5x11 booklet.
#4459, Satan and His Dark Kingdom CD Set – Regularly 23.99, SALE $20.00
#4460, Satan and His Dark Kingdom Study Guide, 32 page oversize paperback – Regularly $5.99, SALE $5.00

God's Message, by Dayton Keesee
25 Thought-Provoking Messages & Sermons from the Bible. Message titles include "O What a Savior," "A Plea for Undenominational Christianity," "Redemption's Sweet Song," and "Who Is a Christian?". Dayton Keesee has been a preacher of the gospel for 65 years.
#4455, God's Message, 330 page paperback. – Regularly $14.99, SALE $12.00

God, Life & People, by Jim McGuiggan – Stories About the God Who Makes His Presence Known
By the author: "In my own life, though I've personally seen cruelty and evil that beggars description, I've also seen gentleness, self-giving and cheerful gallantry that also defies description… The center and source of all goodness and loveliness is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it's my genuine desire that in some way He will use this collection of reflections to introduce Himself to you, or to come nearer."
#4395, God, Life & People, 169 page paperback – Regularly $11.99, SALE $9.60

Seasons of My Heart, by Carol Ann Rhodes – A Life's Journey Through Poetry
A collection of poems and verse written by the author recalling and celebrating both the ordinary and extraordinary things in life.
#4378, Seasons of My Heart, 128 page paperback – Regularly $8.99, SALE $6.99


A Cappella Music in the Public Worship of the Church, by Everett Ferguson – Fourth Edition

"…Remains the unsurpassed case for the unique role of unaccompanied singing in Christian worship." (Darryl L. Tippens) "Today, I would strongly suggest that Dr. Ferguson's book should be your 'court of first resort' on this topic." (Robert K. Oglesby, Sr.)
#4032, A Cappella Music, 140 page paperback – Regularly $7.99, SALE $6.50

Shadow Land, by Burt Jones – Islam: Behind the Veil
A bold, well-researched presentation concerning a controversial religion constantly in today's news. Called by some a peaceful religion, but practiced by some others as one of violence and extreme prejudice, Islam needs to be understood by Christians.
#2085, Shadow Land, 157 page paperback – Regularly $11.95, SALE $9.99

The Urgent Revolution, by Dwight Whitsett – Liberating the Cause of Christ
A call to liberate Christ's church by leaving behind traditions and outdated practices not rooted in Scripture, and boldly adopt clear New Testament priorities, practices and evangelism. "This book needs to be read by all who honor Christ and His church. His analogy is correct, his contribution is significant, his diagnosis accurate and his solution biblical" – Richard Rogers.
#742, The Urgent Revolution, 202 page paperback – Regularly $10.95, SALE $7.95

Women of Deliverance, by Cindy Colley – A Bible Study Series
A 13 lesson series on lesser known women of the Bible such as Jael, Miriam, Rahab and Zipporah who were involved in God's plans to deliver his people. Includes study questions, and works well for both personal and class study.
#372, Women of Deliverance, 138 page paperback – Regularly $9.95, SALE $7.99

Unsung Heroes (and a Few Villains), by Wanda Robinson
A Women's Study of Lesser-Known Men in the Old Testament. See what we can learn from the biblical record of Hur, Ithamar, Achan, Gehazi and others. Their lives and deeds played a role in God's wondrous plan, and we can benefit from them today.
#4500, Unsung Heroes (and a Few Villains), 112 page paperback – Regular $9.99, SALE $7.99

Why Wait? – 24 Reasons to Wait Until Marriage to Have Sex, from Rose Publishing
This handy full-color fold-out booklet presents the biblical, medical and emotional reasons to follow the Bible's moral teachings on this topic. Priced so copies can be provided to teens and their parents economically.
#1743, Why Wait? 12 panel booklet – Regularly $3.99, SALE $3.50

DVDs & CDs

America's Most Pressing Concern, by Dave Miller, Ph.D.

This sequel to Dr. Miller's The Silencing of God is a seminar based on his book, Christ and the Continental Congress. "The Founders (of America) stated repeatedly their deep conviction that acknowledgement of God and the Christian religion are integral to the survival of America" – Dave Miller. Consists of eight 30 minute video sessions.
#3676, America's Most Pressing Concern, DVD – $4.50

Restoration History, by Dayton Keesee – Sunset Classroom Series
Learn the events, people and ideas that fostered and produced the Restoration Movement out of which the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches sprang. Taught in the classrooms of Sunset School of Preaching some 30 years ago, the ideas and history are still relevant today.
#3306, Restoration History, 12 DVDs – Regularly $80.00, SUPER SALE $30.00

I Corinthians, by Richard Rogers – Sunset Classroom Series
Hear Richard Rogers as he taught in the classrooms of Sunset School of Preaching. I Corinthians covers the Apostle Paul dealing with moral, doctrinal, leadership and practical problems in the church in Corinth.
#1770, I Corinthians, 8 DVDs – Regularly $90.00, SUPER SALE $30.00

Sermons on the One Another Passages, by Richard Rogers
Six messages delivered from the pulpit of the Sunset Church of Christ. Focuses on the New Testament admonitions to Love, Be Devoted to, Honor, Admonish, Bear Burdens, and Be of the Same Mind toward one another within the body of Christ.
#1991, Sermons on the One Another Passages
, 3 CDs – Regularly $13.00, SALE $9.00

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