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Commentary on Ezekiel. Paperback, 365 pages. $19.99…SALE $16.99

Commentary on Daniel. Paperback, 242 pages. $15.99…SALE $13.59

Commentary on Romans. Paperback, 492 pages. $22.00…SALE $18.70

Commentary on Revelation. Paperback, 365 pages. $19.99…SALE $16.99

Commentary on I Corinthians. Paperback, 378 pages. $19.99…SALE $16.99

Genesis and Us. Paperback, 315 pages. $12.00…SALE $10.00

The Dragon Slayer. Paperback, 202 pages. $8.99…SALE $7.50

Celebrating the Wrath of God. Paperback, 232 pages. $17.99…SALE $15.00

A Baptism Worth Talking About. Paperback, 74 pages. $8.99…SALE $7.50

The God of the Towel. Paperback, 262 pages. $18.95…SALE $16.00

The God Who Commands the Impossible. Paperback, 130 pages. $10.00…SALE $8.50

Jesus, Hero of Thy Soul. Paperback, 304 pages. $20.95…SALE $17.80

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Monthly Specials for August

The God of the TowelThe God of the Towel

$16.00  $16.00
Save: 0% off

Since childhood, you've sung the words, "Jesus loves me, this I know." The tune is as familiar as your own mirrored reflection. But sometimes we have difficulty believing that the creator and sustainer of the universe cold be bothered with people like you and me---much less really love us. But when God put on flesh and entered our world, he washed dirty feet, he soothe suffering souls, and he... more info

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