Spiritual GiftednessA new book by a gifted author entitled Spiritual Giftedness has just been released by Sunset Institute Press. This book is a significant work on the Spiritual gifts and how they relate to each one of us and to local churches. It is not only filled with instruction and information but also contains numerous examples to bring the lessons alive and to make the book enjoyable to read. Doug Hamilton is the author and seminar teacher of the material contained in this book. The price of this book is only $15.99.

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I. How Can this Help My Congregation?
II. The Personal Benefits to Spiritual Giftedness
III. Defining the Spiritual Gifts
IV. The Gift of Missions
V. The Gift of Evangelism
VI. The Gift of Confrontation
VII. The Gift of Teaching
VIII. The Gift of Nurturing
IX. The Gift of Encouragement
X. The Gift of Mercy Giving
XI. The Gift of Service
XII. The Gift of Management
XIII. The Gift of Charity/Benevolence