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Effective Bible Study, 27 Video Lessons on 10 DVDs - Regular $90.00, on SALE $63.00
Jeremiah: The Prophet & His Book, 14 Video Lessons on 7 DVDs - Regular $99.00, on SALE $63.00
Matthew: The Apostle & His Gospel, 13 Audio Lessons on 7 CDs - Regular $30.00, on SALE $20.00
Extraordinary Women of the Bible, 9 Audio Sermons on 5 CDs - Regular $24.00, on SALE 15.00
Words to Live By, 13 Audio Lessons on CDs - Regular $30.00, on SALE $20.00
Great Questions in the Bible, 9 Audio Sermons on 5 CDs - Regular $24.00, on SALE $15.00
Seeing Jesus in the Feasts of Israel, 7 Audio Sermons on 4 CDs - Regular $21.00, on SALE $15.00

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Matthew: The Apostle & His GospelMatthew: The Apostle & His Gospel

$20.00  $20.00
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The first book of our New Testament is an amazing book. Written by a personal disciple of Jesus, it carefully demonstrates that Jesus was the promised King of Old Testament prophecy. Matthew’s Gospel also provided the early church with a historical record to be used both for evangelism and for discipleship. This 13 lesson series tries to pull these various threads of the book together. Presented in 2009 at the Sunset Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas. Each message is 25-30 minutes long.

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