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GOD, LIFE & PEOPLE – Stories About the God Who Makes His Presence Known. 26 true stories which reflect the great goodness of God and how He so often works through people and events.
#4395. Paperback, 170 pages. $11.99

JOB’S LIFE ON THE ASH HEAP – Job Fights God's Battle for Him. A commentary and life application of the Book of Job. This is a serious study about some very serious questions: Why do we suffer? What role does God have in allowing our pain? How can God be righteous while allowing evil to abound?
#4330. Paperback, 217 pages. $12.99

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Monthly Specials for December

Homosexuality and the BibleHomosexuality and the Bible

$13.99  $10.99
Save: 21% off

Homosexuality and the Bible is a book that lives up to its title. It's a comprehensive Bible handbook on homosexuality that will prove to be helpful in studying, discussing and even debating this most serious issue. The book contains no explicit sexual language. It is divided into two major sections:

The Scriptural Section contains every Biblical text in chronological order that deals with homosexual behavior. Other texts on related issues like heterosexuality, marriage, family, and... more info

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