2014 Sunset Vision Workshop USB Flash Drive (MP3)

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2014 Sunset Vision Workshop USB Flash Drive (MP3)

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The 2014 Sunset Vision Workshop was held January 22-25 at the Sunset Church of Christ and Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. It's theme was "ASSURANCE IN UNCERTAIN TIMES" and drew many of the messages from the books of the Minor Prophets.

64 Keynotes and Classes were preached and taught and are available as MP3 digital files on a convenient flash drive. These files can be listened to on a computer, or transferred to a CD, iPhone, iPad, smart phone or tablet for portable listening.

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1. KEYNOTE: "Assured by a Great Kingdom Vision" - Foree Grove
2. KEYNOTE: "Assured by the Prophetic Message" - Charles Speer
3. KEYNOTE: "Assured by God's Answers to our Doubts" - Trey Morgan
4. KEYNOTE: "Assured by the Power of the Preached Word" - C.L. Thomas
5. KEYNOTE: "Assured by the Windows of Heaven" - Chris Swinford
6. KEYNOTE: "America: Assured of God's Blessings?" - Bruce McLarty
7. KEYNOTE: "Assured by God's Uncomplicated Requirement" - John W. Smith
8. EARLY BIRD: "Assured by The Prophetic Portrait of Messiah" - Jim McGuiggan
9. EARLY BIRD: "Assured by God's Mercy and Justice" - Jim McGuiggan
10. EARLY BIRD: "Assured by God's Relentless and Faithful Love" - Jim McGuiggan
11. CLASS: "Assured by the God Who Is With Us" - Tim Burow
12. CLASS: "Equipping the Church to Evangelize" - James Sanderson
13. CLASS: "Lord of the Prophets" - Arthur Puente
14. CLASS: "Three Vital Keys for a Lasting Success" - Steve Diggs
15. CLASS: "The Lord God has Spoken!" - Ron Bontrager
16. CLASS: "The Last 8 Words of a Dying Church" - Trey Morgan
17. CLASS: "God's Solution for a Sin Sick Society" - Walter Maxwell
18. CLASS: "Future Focused Leadership" - Chris Swinford
19. CLASS: "The Drama of Redemption - Part I" - Sarah Fallis
20. CLASS: "Facing Trials Victoriously" - George Carman
21. CLASS: "There Is a Clear Purpose for My Life as a Disciple" - C.L. Thomas
22. CLASS: "The Healing Tree" - Chris Johnson
23. CLASS: "The Fine Art of Mentoring" - Steve Diggs
24. CLASS: "Crystal Clear Truth in a Cloudy Culture" - Charlie Thomason
25. CLASS: "Faith: Embracing Mystery" - Foree Grove
26. CLASS: "Finding God Among the Strangers - Part I" - Joe Almanza
27. CLASS: "You Drive Me Crazy - Part I" - David Yasko
28. CLASS: "The Drama of Redemption - Part II" - Sarah Fallis
29. CLASS: "How Can I Forgive When I Don't Forget?" - James Jones
30. CLASS: "The Roman Road Reconstructed" - Chris Swinford
31. CLASS: "Why Joel Is Quoted in Acts 2" - Dane Boyles
32. CLASS: "The Greatest Truth" - Steve Diggs
33. CLASS: "The Mission of God: An Assurance in Uncertain Times" - Omar Palafox
34. CLASS: "Suffering…Gratitude… and Worship" - John W. Smith
35. CLASS: "You Drive Me Crazy - Part II" - David Yasko
36. CLASS: "Please Don't Regard Your Education As Complete… Ever! - Part I" - Jim Harris
37. CLASS: "From Here to There - Part I" - Sue Rhineheimer
38. CLASS: "Balance in a Time of Extremes" - "Stan & Kerry & Jarrod Williams"
39. CLASS: "Songs My Grandmother Sang to Me" - Levi Sisemore
40. CLASS: "Prophetic Perspectives on Ministry & Christian Life" - Arthur Puente
41. CLASS: "Getting to Know Sunset Online" - Ron Kretz
42. CLASS: "A Shepherd's Life: Evangelistic Ideas from Amos" - Ron Bontrager
43. CLASS: "Building Strong Marriages Will Build Strong Churches" - Trey Morgan
44. CLASS: "God's Transforming Love for the Hurting" - Jeff Lane
45. CLASS: "Missions From A Mission Committee's Point of View - Part I" - "Paul Dowell & panel"
46. CLASS: "Gracious Hospitality: God's Welcome" - Dawna Gilbert
47. CLASS: "Boasting About Tomorrow: A Different Lifestyle" - George Carman
48. CLASS: "The Mission of the Commission" - C.L. Thomas
49. CLASS: "The Healer" - Chris Johnson
50. CLASS: "The Sufficiency of Divine Revelation" - Ed Wharton
51. CLASS: "Musts for Today's Gospel Preacher" - Charlie Thomason
52. CLASS: "Another Look at the Last Supper & It's Implications" - Foree Grove
53. CLASS: "Finding God Among the Strangers - Part II" - Joe Almanza
54. CLASS: "Missions From a Mission Committee's Point of View - Part II" - "Paul Dowell & panel"
55. CLASS: "Gracious Hospitality: Welcoming Home" - Dawna Gilbert
56. CLASS: "The God of the Prophets Through the Eyes of Moses" - Doug Reeves
57. CLASS: "What Paul Discovered… and What We Learn from It" - Russ Crosswhite
58. CLASS: "Why Joel Is Important in Acts 2" - Dane Boyles
59. CLASS: "Jonah: Uncertainty Is the Call for Ministers" - Omar Palafox
60. CLASS: "An Unnatural Unity" - Victor Ellison
61. CLASS: "The Eunuch: Who Is This Guy?" - John W. Smith
62. CLASS: "Creating Opportunities for Evangelism" - Jerry Tallman
63. CLASS: "Please Don't Regard Your Education as Complete… Ever! - Part II" - Jim Harris
64. CLASS: "From Here to There - Part II" - Sue Rhineheimer

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