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The 2015 Sunset Vision Workshop was held January 21-24 at the Sunset Church of Christ and Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. It's theme was "CHRIST REIGNS SUPREME" and drew many of the messages from the book of Colossians.

54 Keynotes and Classes were given and are available as MP3 digital files on a convenient flash drive. These files can be listened to on a computer, or transferred to a CD, iPhone, iPad, smart phone or tablet for portable listening.




1. KEYNOTE: "Christ: The King of the Kingdom of Light" - C.L. Thomas
2. KEYNOTE: "Christ: The Image of the Invisible God" - Trey Morgan
3. KEYNOTE: "Christ: The Creator and Sustainer of All Things" - Tim Burow
4. KEYNOTE: "Christ: The Head of the Church" - Kerry Williams
5. KEYNOTE: "Christ: The Hope of Glory" - Billy McGuiggan
6. KEYNOTE: "Christ: The Mystery of God" - Wisam Al-Ithawi
7. KEYNOTE: "Christ: The All in All" - Arthur Puente
8. EARLY BIRD: "Christ: The Redeemer of His People" - Jim McGuiggan
9. EARLY BIRD: "Christ: The Firstborn from the Dead" - Jim McGuiggan
10. EARLY BIRD: "Christ: The Fullness of Deity" - Jim McGuiggan
11. CLASS: "O, Ye of Little Faith: How Islam Started" - Wisam Al-Ithawi
12. CLASS: "The Pros & Cons of the Postmodern Generation" - Kerry Williams
13. CLASS: "Navigating Significant Transition in a Local Congregation" - Robert Waller
14. LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: "The HEART of a Leader" - Steve Diggs
15. CLASS: "God is Able" - Billy McGuiggan
16. CLASS: "Cornerstone of Community Ministry, I" - Joe Almanza
17. CLASS: "From Pain to Peace" - Jeff Lane
18. CLASS: "The Supreme Freedom in the King" - Shawn Gary
19. CLASS: "Ladies: Trying to Serve from an Empty Cup" - Cara Speer
20. CLASS: "Can Ministry be a Distraction?" - Wisam Al-Ithawi
21. CLASS: "What is the Purpose of Woman?" - C.L. Thomas
22. CLASS: "Sharing Christ with a Diverse and Unchurched World" - Robert Waller
23. LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: "The MIND of a Leader" - Steve Diggs
24. CLASS: "God is Still Able" - Billy McGuiggan
25. CLASS: "Cornerstone of Community Ministry, II" - Joe Almanza
26. CLASS: "Getting to Know Sunset Online" - Ron Kretz
27. CLASS: "New Evidence of Christ's Church Through the Ages" - Gary Walker
28. CLASS: "Ladies: Time for a Recall" - Cara Speer
29. CLASS: "Sunset's Translation Project: Ethiopia and Beyond" - Lead by Truitt Adair
30. LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: "The ATTITUDE of a Leader" - Steve Diggs
31. CLASS: "Reflections on Baptism & The Lord's Supper, I" - Jim McGuiggan
32. CLASS: "These Are Written "That You May Believe"" - Walter Maxwell
33. CLASS: "God's Kingdom - Joy in the Holy Spirit" - Brian Garnett
34. CLASS: "Spiritual Warfare in Everyday Life" - Kerry Williams
35. CLASS: "How to Read Bible Stories: David and Uzzah" - Jesse Long
36. CLASS: "How to Present the Gospel, I" - Kenzel May
37. CLASS: "The Finality of Divine Revelation" - Ed Wharton
38. CLASS: "Building Strong Men to Lead Strong Churches" - Trey Morgan
39. CLASS: "A Unique, Strategic Plan for Churches, I" - Tim Burow
40. CLASS: "The Supreme Message of the King" - Shawn Gary
41. CLASS: "Ladies: Using Your Gifts to Maintain Your Energy" - Betty Tracy
42. CLASS: "The Holy Spirit's Work in Christians Today" - Brian Garnett
43. CLASS: "What is the Purpose of Man?" - C.L. Thomas
44. CLASS: "How to Read Bible Stories: David and Goliath" - Jesse Long
45. CLASS: "How to Present the Gospel, II" - Kenzel May
46. CLASS: "When You Come Together" - Levi Sisemore
47. CLASS: "5 Ways Men Can Make a Kingdom Difference" - Trey Morgan
48. CLASS: "A Unique, Strategic Plan for Churches, II" - Tim Burow
49. CLASS: "The Assembly: God's Wonderful Gift" - Gary Walker
50. CLASS: "Ladies: Finding and Using Your Spiritual Gifts" - Betty Tracy
51. CLASS: "Song Starters or Leaders of Worship?" - Keith Lancaster
52. CLASS: "The Origin of the Message Preached " - Ed Wharton
53. CLASS: "Reflections on Baptism & The Lord's Supper, II" - Jim McGuiggan
54. CLASS: "The Launching and the Landing" - Walter Maxwell

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