The Story of the Church in the Bible

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The Story of the Church in the Bible

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In the Bible, we read about how the church was established in Jerusalem and how it spread rapidly out from there in the years following Jesus' earthly life and ministry. The story of the church in the Bible is an exciting one. Those who preached the gospel encountered hardship, persecution, and even death. Those who were added to the church often faced similar consequences. Nonetheless, people continued to preach and the church continued to grow. Jesus once told a parable about the kingdom of God in which a man,  having found a treasure in a field, went and sold all that he had in order to buy that field. Like that treasure, Christ's church is precious. Just as the man in the parable traded everything he had in order to buy the field, we are called to commit the fullness of our lives to Christ's church. The story of His church began long ago and is recorded for us in the Bible. This book is a guided tour of that story.



by Richard E. Walker
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