A Study of the Parables of Jesus (Part 1)

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Authors: Virgil Yocham and Mike White

In this first of two series of thirteen lessons, we will study twenty-one of the parables by Jesus in the gospel narratives. Jesus used parables to illustrate principles and teach poignant lessons that not only the people of His day needed but which are also greatly needed in our day. We hope that this study will be an exciting and rewarding study for all. 

As you study you will notice that each lesson is broken down into six sections. There will be:

  1. A listing of the parable(s) with scripture references to be studied in each lesson.
  2. A statement of the central aim of the lessons.
  3. A listing of the objectives to be accomplished in the lesson to help us achieve that aim and remember the lessons we learn.
  4. A statement that gives an overview of the lesson to be studied.
  5. An outlined and examined section which will be the main body of the lesson. This section will have three main parts - (1) the setting; (2) the discussion; (3) the application of the parable(s) studied in the lesson. There will also be questions in this section to guide the student in his learning   and application of the material.
  6. An experience the lesson section which will contain some suggestions for devotional as well as suggestions for making application to everyday life of the principles and lessons learned.
Virgil Yocham, Mike White
Sunset International Bible Inst.