Women Opening the Word: ABCs of a Godly Heart

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Thirteen lesson study guide arranged for use either as a women's or small-group study, or for individual daily study and journaling.

"God wants you to know Him. Getting to know Him starts as simply as learning the ABCs. The Psalms provide the perfect vehicle to learn the ABCs of a godly heart. The Psalms are both a window and a mirror. They are transparent with the glory of God and teach us much about the heart of the One who loves us beyond measure. They also help us see ourselves –where we can grow, what we must leave behind, and Who we must embrace. Join me in a Journey through the Psalms and learn how to reflect the glory of God through a more intimate and fulfilling walk with Him. It's as simple as A, B, C." – by the author

1. The As of a Godly Heart
2. The Bs and Cs of a Godly Heart
3. The Ds and Es of a Godly Heart
4. The Fs and Gs of a Godly Heart
5. The Hs and Is of a Godly Heart
6. The Js and Ks of a Godly Heart
7. The Ls and Ms of a Godly Heart
8. The Ns and Os of a Godly Heart
9. The Ps and Qs of a Godly Heart
10. The Rs and Ss of a Godly Heart
11. The Ts and Us of a Godly Heart
12. The Vs and Ws of a Godly Heart
13. The Xs, Ys and Zs of a Godly Heart

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Casandra Martin, an amazingly gifted writer and communicator, left us at age 52 to be be with the Lord. During her short time on this earth, she was a prolific Christian writer who pioneered the ladies' study journal for churches of Christ and beyond. Among her accomplishments, she wrote 13 studies in the Women Opening the Word (WOW) series, two books in the Jesus Resolution series, and launched the ASK series with The Love Story: The Study of Ruth. The powerful effects of her writing, teaching ministry, and her exemplary life will live on for generations to come.

Casandra Martin