Abortion - A Woman's Right?

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Over 3,500 children are murdered in the US each day. As the church we must speak out against this great sin and this DVD will help teach and inform brethren, friends, family and anyone we can get to watch it. If not the church then who?

LESSON 1: Abortion A Woman’s Right?

An examination of what may be the most controversial and crucial moral issue of our day. Tyler Young conducts a candid discussion of abortion from cultural, scientific and biblical perspectives. Using images of life in the womb and focusing on the biblical understanding of human life, Tyler answers the question: Is abortion a woman’s right, or is it murder? 30 Minutes

LESSON 2: The Madness of Abortion

Cutting through the rhetoric and propaganda, Tyler Young exposes the maddening inconsistency of abortion legislation in the United States. This program explores the critical question of what gives value to human life, and offers practical suggestions of what we can do to stem the tide of legalized abortion on demand and make a difference in this life and death struggle. 33 Minutes

Tyler Young
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