Advanced Homiletics – Course Study Guide (PDF download)

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This is the PDF digital download (not printed) study guide for Advanced Homiletics – A 23 lesson course designed to equip preachers to present the Word of God more effectively and creatively. The course was taught by Ron Bontrager.

Lesson One: Introduction to the Course (1)
Lesson Two: Introduction (2)
Lesson Three: Expository Preaching
Lesson Four: Topical Preaching
Lesson Five: Narrative Preaching
Lesson Six: Dialogue and Segmented Preaching
Lesson Seven: Preaching From the Old Testament
Lesson Eight: Preaching Historical and Poetic Books
Lesson Nine: Preaching Poetic Books (Continued)
Lesson Ten: Theology & Themes of the Old Testament
Lesson Eleven: Preaching the Epistles
Lesson Twelve: Variety in Sermon Organization
Lesson Thirteen: Planning Your Preaching (1)
Lesson Fourteen: Planning Your Preaching (2)
Lesson Fifteen: Planning Your Preaching (3)
Lesson Sixteen: Enhancing the Sermon’s Influence (1)
Lesson Seventeen: Enhancing the Sermon’s Influence (2)
Lesson Eighteen: Tools for Effective Preaching (1)
Lesson Nineteen: Tools for Effective Preaching (2) (The Preacher’s Voice)
Lesson Twenty: The Preacher’s Character (1)
Lesson Twenty-One: The Preacher’s Character (2)
Lesson Twenty-Two: Preaching to the Public (1)
Lesson Twenty-Three: Preaching to the Public (2)

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Author/Speaker: Ron Bontrager
Binding/Media: PDF download
Copyright: 2015
Language: English
Publisher: Sunset Institute Press