Apologetics 2 (Studio CD)

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Course Description

Instructor: Ted Stewart

This study on apologetics will increase your faith and commitment to the Lord. It presents a mass of evidence for the existence of God. Ted reasons logically the only conclusion that is reasonable, that there is a Creator and Sustainer of the universe in which we live.

The Apologetics II SIBI Studio Course contains 24 lessons on 12 CDs.. Listed below are the lessons included in the course.

1Introduction to Biblical Apologetics
2Origin of the Universe – Mind or Matter?
3Evolution – Fact or Fiction
4Fingerprints of the Creator
5Evidence for a Young Earth and Universe
6Philosophical Arguments For and Against God
7The Bible’s Claim to Be God’s Word.
8Evidence That the Bible Is God’s Inspired Word
9Solutions to Old Testament Riddles (Alleged O. T. Discrepancies)
10Solutions to New Testament Riddles (Alleged N. T. Discrepancies)
11Evidence for Bible History From Adam to the Flood
12Evidences for the Remains Of Noah’s Ark
13Discovery of Evidences for Bible History - Patriarchal Period
14Discovery of the Remains of Sodom and Gomorrah
15Egyptian History Contradicts Bible History of Joseph and Moses
16Discovery of the True Pharaohs of Joseph, Moses and the Exodus 
17Discovery of the Red Sea Crossing
18Discovery of the True Mt. Sinai
19The Myth of Egypt’s “Astronomically Absolute” Chronology
20Discovery of Bible History from Sinai To Solomon in Egyptian History and Archaeology of Palestine
21Confirmation of Bible History – Israel’s Divided Kingdom
22Re-dating of Egyptian History to Fit Biblical History (930 - 525 B.C.)
23Canonicity and Preservation of The Old Testament
24Canonicity and Preservation of The New Testament

Ted Stewart
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