Apologetics 2 (PDF Study Guide)

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This is a study guide for Apologetics II by Ted Stewart.


Lesson One: Introduction to Biblical Apologetics
Lesson Two: Origin of the Universe: Mind or Matter?
Lesson Three: Evolution: Fact or Fiction?
Lesson Four: Fingerprints of the Creator
Lesson Five: Evidence for a Young Earth and Universe
Lesson Six: Philosophical Arguments for and Against God
Lesson Seven: The Bible’s Claim to Be God’s Inspired Word
Lesson Eight: Evidence That the Bible Is God’s Inspired Word
Lesson Nine: Solutions to Old Testament Riddles
Lesson Ten: Solutions to New Testament Riddles (Alleged Discrepancies)
Lesson Eleven: Evidence for Bible History from Adam to the Flood
Lesson Twelve: Evidences for the Remains of Noah’s Ark
Lesson Thirteen: Discovery of Evidences Patriarchal Period
Lesson Fourteen: Discovery of the Remains of Sodom and Gomorrah
Lesson Fifteen: Egyptian History Contradicts Bible History of Joseph and Moses
Lesson Sixteen: Discovery of the True Pharaohs of Joseph, Moses and the Exodus
Lesson Seventeen: Discovery of the Red Sea Crossing
Lesson Eighteen: Discovery of the True Mt. Sinai
Lesson Nineteen: The Myth of Egypt’s “Astronomically Absolute” Chronology
Lesson Twenty: Bible History from Sinai to Solomon in Egyptian History - Archaeology of Palestine
Lesson Twenty-One: Confirmation of Bible History of Israel’s Divided Kingdom
Lesson Twenty-Two: Re-dating of Egyptian History to Fit Biblical History from 930 to 525 B.C.
Lesson Twenty-Three: Canonicity and Preservation of the Old Testament
Lesson Twenty-Four: Canonicity & Preservation of the New Testament
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Ted Stewart
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