Basics of Christian Counseling Video Series - Ken Wilson (Digital Streaming & Download)

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Instructor: Ken Wilson

The Basics of Christian Counseling is a twelve-lesson course preparing church leaders and other Christians to understand and help others. While certain mental health needs of individuals require the care of a specialist or professional, many fundamental needs can be ministered to by loving, caring, trained Christians. This course is a step in that direction.

Dr. Ken Wilson has been a minister and licensed family counselor for over 30 years. He is a frequent speaker at counseling seminars and workshops on the family. Dr. Wilson is a minister at the Lakeview Church of Christ in Tacoma, Washington, and president of the Agape Counseling Center in Tacoma.

The Basics of Christian Counseling SIBI Studio Course contains 12 lessons. Listed below are the lessons included in the course.


1. The Power of the Mind
2. Competent to Counsel

3. The Truth about Self-Control
4. How to Deal with Anger Issues
5. How to Create a Positive Self-Worth
6. Communication & Counseling Techniques
7. The Basic Principles of Crisis Counseling
8. The Authority and Reliability of Scripture
9. The Design and Order of God's Creation
10. A Review of Popular Counseling Theories
11. The Counselor and Christian Ethics
12. The Counselor and the Holy Spirit



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