Bible History 1 (Studio DVD)

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Course Description

Instructor: Richard Rogers

A rich, stimulating and thorough survey study of Old Testament history and geography of Bible events and lands. Covers from Genesis to Joshua. A heavy emphasis on creation, history of the Hebrew family, history of the Hebrew nation and geography of the Old Testament world.

The Bible History I SIBI Studio Course contains 24 lessons on 6 DVDs.. Listed below are the lessons included in the course.

Lesson Title
1 Why Study the Old Testament?
2 From the Creation to the Fall (Genesis 1:1-3:24)
3 The Mother Promise and Redemption (Genesis 3:16-17)
4 The Aftermath of Conflict (Genesis 4:1-8:14)
5 From the Flood to Babel and the Old Testament World (Genesis 8:15-11:9)
6 Abraham's Journey (1) - Old Testament Palestine (Genesis 11:10-12:8)
7 Abraham's Journey (2) (Genesis 12:1-14:16)
8 Abraham's Journey (3) (Genesis 14:17-15:21)
9 Abraham's Journey (4) (Genesis 16:1-19:38)
10 Abraham's Journey (5) (Genesis 20:1-22:19)
11 Abraham's Journey (6) (Genesis 22:19-25:18)
12 Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 22:1-28:22)
13 The Servant in Padan-aram (Genesis 29:1-31:55)
14 The Saint in Hebron (Genesis 31:1-35:29)
15 The Account of Joseph (1) (Genesis 37-39)
16 The Account of Joseph (2) (Genesis 39-41)
17 The Account of Joseph (3) (Genesis 41:37-50:26)
18 The Account of Joseph (4) (Genesis 45:16-50:26)
19 The Land of Captivity (Exodus 1:1-4:17)
20 Wonders of Deliverance (Exodus 4:19-12:51)
21 The Exodus Experience (Exodus 12:37-40:38)
22 The Exodus Experience (2) (Exodus 19-40, Numbers 1-11:3)  
23 The Exodus Experience (3) (Numbers and Deuteronomy)
24 Conquest of the East Bank (Numbers 21:21-31:54)

Course Package Contents

  • Three DVD Cases to hold your course DVDs
  • One Study Guide

Additional Resources

If your intention is to take this course for credit, you will need to purchase the following textbooks:

  • Old Testament History, by Wilbur Fields
  • Bible History I, by Richard Rogers
  • Philosophy of Evolution, by Richard Rogers

The purchase price for this course includes one Study Guide. If you would like to purchase additional Study Guides, they are available here.

Other SIBI Course Formats

This course is also available in the following formats:.

    Audio CD
DVD Video
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