Buscando la Verdad / Searching for Truth 1

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Over 6.7 Billion Souls Need to Begin Their Search For Truth

Buscando la Verdad / Searching For Truth was produced with the thought in mind of the great filmstrips of the past that did so much good in teaching the Gospel. This new program is designed to teach the viewer what one needs to know to become a Christian.

Written and hosted by John Moore, evangelist with the Dripping Springs Church of Christ in Dripping Springs, Texas and produced by World Video Bible School® in Maxwell, Texas, this program was made to be used by the Lord’s Church because of the church’s responsibility to spread the Gospel and teach the lost. This product can be used with a friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor, visitors and/or anyone who can understand the material.

Hear John Moore speaking in English with Spanish subtitles on screen.

Six Individual Lessons:
• Introduction
• Searching for Truth about the Creator
• Searching for Truth about Authority
• Searching for Truth about the Church
• Searching for Truth about the House of God
• Searching for Truth about Baptism
John Moore
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