Colossians and Philemon Video Series - Digital Streaming & Download

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Instructor: Bob Martin

Jesus is the way out of darkness into light. He is the image of the invisible God. All things were created through Him. He is the control center of the body. Jesus is it!... number one! A study of these books will increase your awareness of the greatness of Jesus Christ and of the relationship of His people in the church.

The Colossians and Philemon SIBI Studio Course contains 12 lessons. Listed below are the lessons included in the course.


1. Background and History
2. The Heresy at Colossae

3. God's Wisdom Versus Worldly Wisdom
4. Using What You Have
5. The Supremacy of Jesus
6. Combating Heresy
7. Walking in Jesus
8. The Christian's Relationship With God and Man
9. Philemon - Background and History
10. In Jesus Christ You Are Somebody
11. Using God's Gifts
12. God Is Sovereign


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