Complete Sunset Digital Bible Library 40 Books - PDF Format Flash Drive

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Receive 40 Sunset Bible Study Library Books in the PDF electronic format shipped on a convenient flash drive for easy access, storage and portability. Our very best value for our popular textbook series! These are the textbooks used with our Sunset DVD courses, and includes over 8,500 pages of study material in book form. Excellent for personal or class study, preaching and teaching, as well use with the Sunset courses.

Acts – Abe Lincoln
Apologetics II: Evidence That Confirms the Bible – Ted Stewart
Bible History I – Richard Rogers
Bible History II – Richard Rogers
Biblical Interpretation – Charles Speer
Biblical Theology of Missions – Richard Rogers
Christ and the Church – Ed Wharton
Colossians & Philemon – Bob Martin
Daniel – Ted Stewart
Ephesians – Gerald Paden
Epistles of John – Gerald Paden
Epistles of Peter – Ted Stewart
Excellence in Leadership – Richard Rogers
First Corinthians – Abe Lincoln
Hebrews – Gerald Paden
History of the Church in Acts – Richard Rogers
I & II Thessalonians – Doyle Gilliam
Introduction to Christian Counseling – Truman Scott
Isaiah – Richard Rogers
James – Ron Bontrager
Jeremiah – Dayton Keesee
John – Doyle Gilliam
Leader Strong Churches – Truman Scott
Levitical Sacrificial System – Gerald Paden
Life of Christ – Richard Rogers
Minor Prophets – Richard Rogers
Philippians – Doyle Gilliam
Psalms – Charles Speer
Redemption Is – Ed Wharton
Revelation – Richard Rogers
Romans – Richard Rogers
Second Corinthians – Abe Lincoln
Shepherds Among the Sheep – Truman Scott
Spiritual Giftedness – Doug Hamilton
Spiritual Living for Ministers – Truman Scott
The Case for Historic Christianity – Ed Wharton
The Christian Home – Ken Wilson
The Power of Biblical Thinking – Ken Wilson
Timothy & Titus – Tex Williams
Wisdom Literature – Charles Speer

All textbooks are provided in the PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software to use. Purchasers are allowed to place copies of this material on all computers and other electronic devices which they own, but may not give copies to others as this would be both a violation of copyright law and unethical.