Ephesians (ASL DVD)

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 Course Description

Instructor: Gerald Paden
ASL by Hollis Maynard

The eternal purpose of God is summed up in Christ and His church. Paul exalts the body of Christ and shows its honored place in the scheme of God to save and glorify His people. The church is the fruit of God's great wisdom (Ephesians 3:10).

The Ephesians SIBI Studio Course contains 12 lessons on 3 DVDs.. Listed below are the lessons included in the course.

Lesson Title
1 Introduction to the Book (1:1-6)
2 The Church Purchased, Endowed & Defined (1:7-14)
3 The Sovereign Christ (1:14-23)
4 God's Grace and Man's Work (2:1-10)
5 God's Grace and the Gentile (2:11-22)
6 The Mystery - the Church's Stewardship (3:1-13)
7 Paul's Prayer and God's Power (3:14-21)
8 The Worthy Walk and Unity (4:1-10)
9 Teachers unto Perfection (4:11-16)
10 The Christian's New Life-style (4:17-32)
11 The New Lifestyle and Submission (5:1-33)
12 Submission and Conflict (6:1-24)
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Gerald Paden