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In this study, Ed Wharton establishes the historicity of Jesus through extra-biblical writings as well as the pages of Scripture. The study is a clear presentation of the actual historical evidence for the divine nature of Jesus Christ and modern verification of the Christian religion. Thousands have been strengthened in their faith through his teaching of this material.

NOTE: This is the revised and expanded version of the study guide which has two additional lessons. It accompanies the revised and expanded edition of the DVD Series here.


01: Introduction to Historic Christian Evidences
02: Jesus, An Historical Person – Non-biblical Writers
03: The Historical Reliability of the New Testament (1)
04: The Historical Reliability of the New Testament (2) - Manuscript Attestation
05: Historical Reliability of the New Testament (3) – The Historical Context
06: The Final Transition – Defining Resurrection
07: Implications of the Resurrection of Jesus
08: The Resurrection of Jesus (1) Evidence From the Tomb
09: The Resurrection of Jesus (2) – The Pentecost Phenomenon
10: The Resurrection of Jesus (3) – Change at Pentecost
11: The Resurrection of Jesus (4) – Conversion of Saul of Tarsus
12: The Testimony of the “Signs” – Jesus’ Miracles
13: The Canonicity Factor
14: The Church-Myth Theory