Journey into a Mission-Minded Life (PDF download)

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"Journey into a Mission-Minded Life will explore concepts and principles on church growth and Christian maturity from the Book of Acts we can put into practice in our individual lives and in the local church family. The good news of Jesus was embedded in the hearts of the early Christians and that led them to mature in the faith and develop a mission-minded life.
     I believe this thirteen-chapter book and the discussion questions at the end of each chapter will enlighten, encourage, and equip us so we can develop a mission-minded life and heart. A working knowledge of the events and teaching from Acts will help us experience a spiritual freshness in our Christian walk." – Clark Tatum, Author


Chapter 1 – Jesus Energizes Our Lives (Acts 1:1 -2:21)

Chapter 2 – God Builds a Great Church (Acts 2:22 - 2:47)

Chapter 3 – The Name Above All Names (Acts 3:1 - 5:11)

Chapter 4 – Living Wise in Trying Times (Acts 5:12 - 7:60)

Chapter 5 – Beyond Our Comfort Zone (Acts 8:1 - 9:43)

Chapter 6 – Getting Our Priorities Straight (Acts 9:20 - 9:43)

Chapter 7 – The Vison Clarifies the Mission (Acts 10:1 - 12:25)

Chapter 8 – What it Means to Love Jesus (Acts 13:1 - 15:41)

Chapter 9 – The Right View of God is Imperative (Acts 16:1 - 17:34)

Chapter 10 – Tentmakers on Mission for God (Acts 18:1 - 19:41)

Chapter 11 – The Heart of a Servant Leader (Acts 20:1 - 21:26)

Chapter 12 – Christianity on Trial (Acts 21:27 - 26:32) 

Chapter 13 – Shipwrecks and God’s Will (Acts 27:1 - 28:31)
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About the Author: CLARK TATUM has been preaching for churches of Christ since 1986. He graduated from Southland Arizona College of Medical and Dental Careers and was working as a certified dental technician when he became a Christian. He holds a Master of Ministry Degree with an emphasis in Homiletics and Preaching, and a Bachelor of Ministry Degree, both from the Theological University of America. He also has a Bachelor of Biblical Studies from the Sunset International Bible Institute, as well as a Level III Certification in Ministry Practice, and a Level II Certification in Biblical and Ministry Studies.