McGuiggan Commentary Set for e-Sword for Windows (Flash Drive)

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The updated seven-volume McGuiggan Commentary Set is now available for the e-Sword for Windows Bible software program. These commentaries cover the Bible books of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, Romans, I Corinthians, and Revelation. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the printed books, but a digital download for use in the e-Sword Bible software program.

Jim McGuiggan was for many years an instructor in the Sunset School of Preaching. He continues to speak at workshops and lectureships across the United States. He is also a popular writer with a number of titles to his credit.

The FREE e-Sword Bible Software program for Windows is believed to be the most used Bible software in the world, having been downloaded from the website millions of times by users in every country of the world. The e-Sword software program itself is available only from the e-Sword website, not from our bookstore.

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