Portraits of Jesus: Sermon Series – Richard Cravy (MP3 Download)

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Without argument, more paintings, drawings, images and statues have been made of Jesus than of any other person who has ever lived! Early catacomb images pictured Him with short hair and clean-shaven. Western artists of the Middle Ages up until today give Him longer hair, a beard, and more Western European features. But the truth is, the eyewitness records do not give us one shred of detailed evidence about his actual appearance. Why? The answer is not clear. But this is certain: the gospel writers were not interested in what He looked like – they wanted everyone to know what He WAS like! Welcome to our study entitled, “Portraits of Jesus.”

This sermon series of 18 messages was taught by Richard Cravy, current Dean of External Studies at SIBI. 

All 18 messages are in MP3 format on a single CD disk.

Lesson Titles:

Lesson 1: Introduction to “Portraits of Jesus”
Lesson 2: The One and Only Son
Lesson 3: In the Image of God (I)
Lesson 4: In the Image of God (II)
Lesson 5: Our Maker and Creator
Lesson 6: In Human Flesh (I)
Lesson 7: In Human Flesh (II)
Lesson 8: Masterful Teacher
Lesson 9: A Savior Is Born
Lesson 10: The Light of the World
Lesson 11: The Great High Priest
Lesson 12: Born to Be King (I)
Lesson 13: Born to Be King (II)
Lesson 14: Tempted Just Like Us
Lesson 15: Our Kinsman-Redeemer
Lesson 16: The Judge of All
Lesson 17: Transformed into His Likeness (I)
Lesson 18: Transformed into His Likeness (II)

ABOUT RICHARD CRAVY: The author has been part of Sunset International Bible Institute since 1996. His education comes from Rice University in Houston, Texas and Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida. He has served in ministry since 1970 with churches in Texas, Florida, Nevada and California. He retired in 2018 from the Tanglewood Church of Christ in Odessa, Texas after 18 years as the minister and an elder. With Sunset, he works to help move the school forward in technology. He has taught various courses at Sunset International Bible Institute including Church History, Jeremiah, Effective Bible Study, and Gospel of John. He is also a teacher in the adult education program of the Sunset Church of Christ.

Also available as an MP3 CD by clicking here.