Prayer and Providence - Hailey (Print)

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The answer to prayer is not always "yes." Sometimes, it is "no" or "wait." In his book, Prayer and Providence, Homer Hailey analyzes numerous Scriptures to reassure the believer that our loving God and Father can hear and answer our prayers.

The book begins by analyzing what the Bible says about our need for prayer and God's instructions for offering them. He then turns his attention to discussing prayer for others and prayer in times of trouble.

How does God answer prayer? Although many in the world often use providene synonymously with "miracle," Hailey suggests that God's providence works through the natural and spiritual realms. This is made possible by God's infinite control over the universe and His great care for His children.

The final part of this study focuses on providence as it relates to the individual as seen in Ecclesiastes and the New Testament.

Homer Hailey was born in 1903. He began preaching in Buffalo Gap, Texas in 1927. He served as minister in Texas, California, Hawaii, Florida and Arizona and preached meetings in hundreds of Churches of Christ throughout the United States. He taught Bible at Abilene Christian College from 1934 and 1951. He then served 22 years as vice president and head of the Bible department at Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida. He retired to Tucson in the spring of 1973. He remained active in retirement, preaching, teaching, and writing. He died at the age of 97 in 2000. He was the author of numerous books and studies on both the Old and New Testament as well as books on church history and special studies.