Satan and His Dark Kingdom - Audio CD Set

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Satan is alive and well on Planet Earth! Satan and His Dark Kingdom is a detailed study of the person, character, kingdom, and work of the most powerful created being in existence. Originally taught at the Tanglewood Church of Christ in Odessa, Texas, this series was expanded and taught again at the Sunset Church of Christ in 2014.

These twelve 30-35 minute audio lectures are suitable for classroom or personal study, and has an accompanying 32-page Study Guide. The Audio Set consists of 12 lectures on 6 CDs in an album.

Chapter Titles:

1. Satan and His Dark Kingdom

2. Your Enemy the Devil

3. That Ancient Serpent, the Devil

4. Satan’s Origin and His Sin

5. The Liar and Murderer

6. Demons from Hell

7. What the Devil Didn’t Know

8. Like a Roaring Lion

9. Satan’s Schemes: Old Testament

10. Satan’s Schemes: New Testament

11. Resisting the Devil

12. The Devil’s End

Church Bible Class
Richard Cravy