SEX: Are You Interested

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In the church today, we see increasing numbers of young people involved in sinful sexual activities that often result in pregnancy and disease. The material on this DVD is designed for churches to use in combating the lies about sex that are perpetrated on our young people through the media, schools and friends.

This DVD can be purchased by the church and distributed to the families who have appropriate age teens and young adults. It would also make an excellent teaching tool for friends and family with this age group.

This two-lesson seminar by Kyle Butt is designed for mature teenagers from 13 years old to young adults. We recommend that parents view this material before showing it to their teens. The seminar teaches God’s plan of sexual abstinence before marriage. This material is very frank and explicit regarding the various kinds of sexual diseases that can result from participation in those activities.

Lessons Include:

  1. Your Choice (38 minutes)
  2. Can You Afford It? (45 minutes)
Kyle Butt
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