Spiritual Disciplines

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25 video lessons on 8 DVDs. Video recorded live in the classroom at Sunset International Bible Institute. Enjoy the dynamic of teacher-student interaction as well as more indepth coverage of the subject matter because of the longer class periods.
     Instructor's Description of the Class: "One of the greatest challenges we face in our Christian walk is nurturing ourselves spiritual and assuring spiritual growth in our lives. We will face many challenges in our ministry and will have brothers and sisters to help us through those challenges. Relationships are essential in spiritual nurturing; however we each must take responsibility for our own spiritual growth. How do we feed ourselves spiritually? What will we do when we face times of spiritual drought? How can I keep my focus when I am overwhelmed by activity around me? How do I keep my heart in the peace of God when I am so busy with people, assignments and ministry opportunities? How do I handle the fast-paced life at Sunset and maintain my walk with God? When I feel all-alone in ministry, what will sustain me in the times of trouble?" 
     "Our study together will not only give you a foundation in nurturing yourself spiritually, but it will also equip you in fulfilling the second part of the great commission, '...teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you...' (Matthew 28:20). We must be prepared to teach new converts these principles of spiritual growth and nurturing. Our study together will provide you with a foundation in which to practice the spiritual disciplines during your time at Sunset and continuing on into your active ministry."

  • To gain an understanding of spiritual growth and nurture based on a biblical foundation
  • To develop a deeper walk with God through a lifestyle of prayer
  • To develop greater personal insight in and a working knowledge of the practice of the spiritual disciplines
  • To develop a personal commitment to and practice in personal spiritual formation, which can serve as a growing foundation for personal nurturing during your time at Sunset and in future ministry
  • To be able to guide another young Christian in the elements and steps of spiritual growth.

Monty Pettyjohn graduated from SIBI in 1992 and became the pulpit minister in Burlington, Colorado. He was the minister there for eight years before becoming the Education Minister at Waterview church of Christ in Richardson, TX where he served from 2000-2005. In June of 2005, he took the position of Director of Placement with SIBI. He has also served as an elder at Sunset, and is presently the Senior Pulpit minister for the congregation.

Monty Pettyjohn
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