Spiritual Giftedness

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I. How Can this Help My Congregation?
II. The Personal Benefits to Spiritual Giftedness
III. Defining the Spiritual Gifts
IV. The Gift of Missions
V. The Gift of Evangelism
VI. The Gift of Confrontation
VII. The Gift of Teaching
VIII. The Gift of Nurturing
IX. The Gift of Encouragement
X. The Gift of Mercy Giving
XI. The Gift of Service
XII. The Gift of Management
XIII. The Gift of Charity/Benevolence


I met Doug Hamilton and his then young family in 1997 when he began his ministry studies at Sunset.  It was apparent very early that Doug was a gifted personal evangelist and public speaker who could “think on his feet.”  No wonder, since before coming to Sunset Doug had made a good living as a door to door salesman, selling, of all things, caskets and funeral plots to people who before he knocked on their door, felt absolutely no need for either.  On an evangelistic “door knocking” campaign with him early in his times at Sunset, his gift became apparent when he set up more Bible studies than all the others combined.  In those early years as a student Doug not only demonstrated the positive side of his gift of evangelism, but also some of the “signs of immaturity.” He was excellent in academics, with a GPA above 95%.  However, some of his teachers observed that he tended to come across as intimidating, over-confident, sometimes offensive and inconsiderate of others.  Some feared that his effectiveness as a congregational minister would be limited by some of these weaknesses and that he would struggle to get along with people, especially his leaders.

Through the years God has enabled Doug to grow in his giftedness and deal with many of his earlier immaturities.   He has grown in humility and consideration of others’ feelings and has learned to be a good listener.  He has grown from a “flaming Evangelist” into a broader spectrum of giftedness. I’m convinced that at least part of his successful journey of growth and development in a more balanced ministry is because of his study of Biblical giftedness. Doug has been exploring the positives and negatives of the ten spiritual passions or gifts for many years.  He has conducted dozens of giftedness seminars across America and in a number of foreign countries.  He has shared his research with me through the years and I have found it helpful in giftedness seminars I have conducted.  The practical material in this book has grown out of his personal journey of faith and out of the journeys of many people he has helped to deploy their gifts effectively.  The Biblical content was developed out of a deep study of God’s inspired word.  Doug has continued to grow as an accomplished Biblical scholar and a very good writer.

Truitt Adair, President
Sunset International Bible Institute

Doug Hamilton
Sunset Institute Press
Empowering the Twenty-First Century Church