A Study of Baptism Video Series - Ed Wharton - (Digital Streaming & Download)

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Instructor: Ed Wharton

 In this study, Ed establishes the definition and purpose of baptism. Baptism is for . . . Every unforgiven person who can believe in Christ, who can repent of sin, who can be educated to repent of a sinful life. Baptism is for people, who of their own free will, can arise and obey the commandment to be immersed. Baptism is for people with guilty consciences who want to be saved and appeal to God for a clear conscience. God adds the saved to the church, which is the church's distinctive nature. You can identify the church in the same way you identify any saved person on earth.


  1. The Distinctive Nature of Baptism
  2. Justification and Baptism - the Vital Connection
  3. The Purpose of Baptism - Part One
  4. The Purpose of Baptism - Part Two
  5. The Relationship of Baptism to the New Covenant
  6. Baptism and the Church
  7. The Baptism of Christ and the Law of Righteousness
  8. Identifying the Child of God


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