Sunset Graduate Sermon Symposium Download (2023)

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The Sermon Symposium is designed to serve preachers, Bible teachers, elders, and all those who instruct others in the Word of God. The Symposium features keynote sermons and classes on lesson development and delivery, practical ministry concerns, and related research topics. Included in the package is all of the class audio and videos from the keynotes. Most of the classes have accompanying PowerPoints or notes.

Keynotes (audio, video, PowerPoints included)

Dr. Bruce McLarty “The Importance of Preaching”
Dr. Ralph Gilmore “Relevant Preaching”
Dr. Bruce McLarty “Preaching to a Diverse Audience”
Dr. Ralph Gilmore “Preaching Grace and Truth”
Dr. Bruce McLarty “Quality Sermon Preparation”


Equipping and Preparing Parents for Youth Development - Tyler Meredith
Preach to All Learning Styles - Daniel Smith (with Notes and PowerPoint)
Combatting Mysticism with Pauline Theology - Bobby Price
Preaching from Ephesians - Chancellor Truitt Adair (with Notes)
Piercing the Heart Through Preaching - Seth Williams (with PowerPoint)
Transformational Leadership Behaviors - Dr. James Chaisson (with Notes and PowerPoint)
Developing Ministry Habits for Long-Term Success - Dr. Kerry Williams (with PowerPoint)
Scheduling Sermon Preparation - Dr, James Chaisson (with PowerPoint)
George S. Benson and “The Curse of Ham,” Harding College 1963 - Tim Bench 
Preaching God’s Gospel of Grace - President Tim Burow (with Notes)
Preaching from the Overflow - Jarrod Williams
Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance in the Pulpit - Dr. David Wagner (with PowerPoint)
Back to Basics: Our Preaching Must Be Gospel Preaching - Bobby Price
Leadership Succession for the Local Congregation - Tommy Maxwell (with Notes and PowerPoint)
How to Preach a Topical Sermon with an Expository Approach - Wille Parker, Esq.
How to Communicate a Singular Point - Matt Glawe (with PowerPoint)
Practical Evangelism Strategies for Unchurched Communities - Seth Williams (with PowerPoint)

A special link is provided for the videos online.