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The Anvil Rings (BOX SET)
Answers to Alleged Bible Discrepancies--Volumes I, II, & III

by Eric Lyons

The Anvil Rings volumes 1, 2, and 3 contain a host of widely used examples of the most difficult alleged Bible discrepancies, providing a thorough defense of the Bible’s inerrancy. 

  • Nearly 1,000 pages of helpful material. 
  • Each volume contains an easy-to-use Scripture index. 

The Anvil Rings (Volume 1)
Answers To Alleged Bible Discrepancies

by Eric Lyons

One of the first things that any honest truth-seeker would want to know, if someone came to him claiming to be in possession of revelation from God, is if the “revelation” was factually accurate. The fallibility of the message would be the first indication that it was man-made and not Heaven-sent. On the other hand, factual accuracy would be the first thing to expect from any document claiming to be God-breathed.

The Anvil Rings volume 1 answers numerous allegations raised by skeptics about supposed contradictions and discrepancies in the Bible. A great reference for those seeking answers to tough Bible questions.

Chapter Titles:

  • Understanding the Real Nature of a Contradiction
  • Alleged Contradictions in the Creation Account
  • Alleged Problems with Mosaic Authorship
  • Alleged Numerical Contradictions
  • Alleged Geographical Contradictions
  • Alleged Contradictions Pertaining to Time
  • Inspired Writers and Competent Copyists
  • Alleged Genealogical Contradictions
  • Reasoning About the Resurrection of Christ
  • Miscellaneous Alleged Contradictions

© 2022, 2003, 329 pages, paper

The Anvil Rings (Volume II)
Answers To Alleged Bible Discrepancies

by Eric Lyons

The Anvil Rings volume 2 was written in order to assist Christians in their fight against skepticism and to help non-Christians see how logical it is to believe in an inspired, inerrant Bible. Whether you are a plumber or a preacher, a biochemist or a bricklayer, a student or a secretary, when questions are raised regarding an alleged contradiction between two or more passages of Scripture, this book (as well as volumes 1 and 3) can assist you in your search for, and defense of, the Truth.

Chapter Titles:

  • Seven Essential Interpretation Principles
  • Alleged Contradictions Regarding God’s Attributes
  • Answering Attacks Upon the Disposition and Deity of Christ
  • Alleged Contradictions and the Flood
  • Alleged Chronological Contradictions
  • Alleged Ethical Contradictions
  • Alleged Contradictions Pertaining to Salvation
  • Questions Involving the Two Testaments
  • A Defense of the Miracles of Christ
  • Miscellaneous Alleged Contradictions

© 2022, 2005, 328 pages, paper

The Anvil Rings (Volume III)
Answers To Alleged Bible Discrepancies

by Eric Lyons

Critically examining one’s faith and taking the time and effort to find answers to difficult questions is a good (and necessary) thing to do if a person wants to have a fortified faith. Far too often, Christians find themselves unprepared to combat the charges levied against the Bible by infidels and skeptics. Like volumes 1 and 2 of The Anvil Rings, this third volume helps Bible students logically answer numerous Bible questions.

Chapter Titles:

  • One All-Encompassing Reason to Believe the Bible
  • The Harmony of the Bible
  • Seven “Atheist-Making” Verses You Need to Know
  • Alleged Scientific Mistakes
  • Biblical Grace, Faith, and Works—Contradictory, or Perfectly Consistent?
  • Answering Attacks Upon the Godhood and Greatness of Christ
  • Alleged Prophetical Mistakes
  • Alleged Mistakes by Paul
  • Miscellaneous Old Testament Alleged Contradictions
  • Miscellaneous New Testament Alleged Contradictions

© 2022, 320 pages, paper