The Best of Cline R. Paden

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     Cline R. Paden began a life of preaching when his first sermon was delivered in Hawley, TX. His preaching and missionary career then spanned the next sixty-five years.
     Beginning in 1949, he was part of missionary teams to Italy and later to Denmark in 1957. In 1962 he was the founder of the Sunset School of Preaching in Lubbock, Texas, now called Sunset International Bible Institute, a visionary training school for equipping men to preach the gospel. He served as the Director of the school until 1993, during which time the school trained thousands of preachers and missionaries and had a worldwide impact. After choosing Truitt Adair to replace him as director of the school, Cline served as Chancellor of the school until 2006. He also served as an elder at Sunset Church of Christ for over 30 years.
    This is a selection of seven of the best messages he delivered at workshops, seminars and forums during his service with the Sunset School.

How to Differ But Not Divide
Horizons, Far and Near
The Lord Has Led Us to This Place
God Gives Gifts unto Men
How to Detect and Assure Growth
A Shepherd’s Plea
God Cares for His Shepherds
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