The Evangelistic Message Course Study Guide (Print)

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There is an unchanging message of salvation which must be learned, lived, loved and repeated in every generation. Jesus commissioned his disciples to teach their converts “to obey everything which I have commanded you.” (Matt. 28:19) When those disciples shared the salvation message with the Jerusalem crowd and three thousand were converted they continued to be taught by the apostles. (Acts 2:42) They must have learned the repeatable salvation message from the apostles for later when they were scattered by persecution, “they went everywhere preaching the word.” (Acts 8:4)

It is my hope that the message of salvation which has been taught to me and which I have taught to many individuals, congregations and students of God’s word, will be taught to yet another generation by those who have received it. Our hope is that you will repeat the message to someone else.
– Truitt Adair

I: The Repeatable Message
II: The People Receiving the Message
III: The Cyclical Nature of Evangelism
IV: The Relationship of Temptation to Sin
V: The Love of God
VI: False Doctrines Surrounding Grace
VII: The Heart of the Gospel
VIII: The Importance of Jesus' Burial
IX: Jesus, the Source of the Gospel
X: The Incarnation of Christ
XI: Human Responses to the Gospel (1)
XII: Human Responses to the Gospel (2)
XIII: The Response of an Obedient Faith
XIV: The Response of Confession and Baptism
XV: The Contrast of Two Baptisms
XVI: Baptism in the Epistles
XVII: The Confirmation Process
XVIII: The Promises of the Gospel
XIX: The Promised Gift of the Holy Spirit
XX: The Promise of Eternal Life & Christ's Return
XXI: Things That Will Transpire at Christ's Return
XXII: Help Converts Feed on the Word of God
XXIII: Converts Overcoming Temptation
XXIV: Scripture Chain

About the Author: Truitt Adair received his biblical training at the Sunset School of Preaching and Abilene Christian University. He and his family served as missionaries in Nigeria (1973-76), followed by preaching for churches in Texas and Arizona. He joined the faculty of Sunset International Bible Institute in 1989, then served as its president from 1993-2019. He is now the chancellor of SIBI.

Truitt Adair
Sunset Institute Press