The Reign of God - Jim McGuiggan (Print)

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"The world has always needed a king. For the mass of us there is the absolute conviction that we aren’t able to direct our own steps. Our lives are littered with broken vows, half-finished schemes, unwise ventures and vast periods of bewilderment. We’re just as certain that those who exercise power in the world aren’t able to direct our steps. What is true of individuals is true of world leaders and nations: There is none righteous, no not one! And our race longs, as we’ve always longed, for someone to take the reins of our world and our lives and create unity, purpose, honor and joy out of the shambles we’ve made of things."

"Along with thousands of others I have the settled conviction that God is now, has been and always will be King! Along with thousands of others I have the settled conviction that His Kingship will one day manifest itself fully and all the wrongs will be righted, justice will be done and all the questions due an answer will receive one. In the meantime, the Church – which is ‘the sign of the kingdom’ of God – is to hold forth hope for all the people in the person of Jesus Christ, the blessed Redeemer who is coming one day to make fully visible what has always been true: God reigns!" – Jim McGuiggan

1. God and Eternal Purpose
2. The Term ‘Kingdom’ – ‘Realm’ or ‘Reign’ or Both?
3. God’s Kingdom – Universal and Eternal
4. The Kingdom of God Over Israel
5. The Road to Monarchy
6. The Road to Purgatory and Back
7. When Hope and History Rhyme
8. The Spreading Flame
9. Surveying the Epistles
10. Looking A Little Closer
11. In Conclusion

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Author/Speaker: Jim McGuiggan
Binding/Media: Paperback
Copyright: 1979, 2023
ISBN: 978-0-9600193-6-6
Language: English
Pages: 111
Size: 6 x 9
Publisher: Sunset Institute Press