TV Bible Study

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Surveying the entire Bible in seventy-three (73) lessons on 12 DVDs. Each lesson is about 27 minutes long. These lessons were originally created and designed to be broadcast on television.

Lesson 1: Seven Reasons for Studying the Old Testament
Lesson 2: From Creation to the Fall
Lesson 3: The Mother Promise
Lesson 4: From the Fall to the Flood
Lesson 5: Evolution
Lesson 6: From the Flood to Babel & the Old Testament World
Lessons 7-12: Abraham
Lessons 13-15: Isaac & Jacob
Lessons 16-19: Joseph
Lesson 20: The Land of Captivity & Bondage
Lesson 21: Wonders of Deliverance
Lessons 22-24: Exodus Wandering
Lessons 25-27: Conquest of East Bank & Canaan
Lessons 28-32: The Judges
Lessons 33-34: United Kingdom: Saul’s Reign
Lessons 35-38: United Kingdom: David’s Reign
Lesson 39: United Kingdom: Solomon’s Reign
Lessons 40-46: Divided Kingdom
Lessons 47-48: Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther
Lesson 49: Prophets of the Post-Exilic Period
Lessons 50-65: Life of Christ
Lessons 66-67: Early Apostolic History
Lessons 68-72: Journeys of the Apostle Paul
Lesson 73: Historical Survey of the Epistles

DVD set includes one Study Guide, extra Study Guides are $9.99 each. Great for a class study.
Richard Rogers
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