Words to Live By

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The Scriptures are inspired of God. This means that words were used which suited the Holy Spirit in the language of the original authors. This series looks at 12 New Testament Greek words and their English equivalents. Each word "has a story to tell" – and can be very impacting on our understanding of our relationship to God and each other. This series was taught at the Sunset Church of Christ in 2010. Thirteen lessons each 25-30 minutes in length.

1. Introduction: God’s Chosen Words – God worked through His inspired men to use the exact words He wanted to communicate His message to us.
2. Abba – the word a child uses to address his loving father.
3. Adoption – giving the place and privileges of a son to one to whom it does not naturally belong.
4. Freedom – released from slavery or bondage and granted all the rights of free men.
5. Fellowship – in a relationship of partnership and joint participation.
6. Redeemed – released on receipt of a ransom or redemption price.
7. Charisma – gifts from God because of His grace.
8. Joy – the delight, gladness and pleasure coming from experiencing God’ grace.
9. Thankful – the response to God for His grace experienced.
10. Intercede – to petition the King on behalf of another.
11. Faithful – always acting in a trustworthy and reliable way.
12. Patience – longsuffering toward others; being merciful rather than vengeful.
13. Temple – God’s holy sanctuary, describing both the church and the Christian’s physical body.

RICHARD CRAVY has been part of the faculty and staff of Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX since 1996. With over 40 years of ministry experience serving churches in California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas, he now serves as a minister and an elder for the Tanglewood Church of Christ in Odessa, TX. Richard and Jeannette have three children and nine grandchildren.
Areas of emphasis in his ministry have been biblical hermeneutics, Christian evidences, early church history, and using technology in teaching.
Richard Cravy
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