Worship His Majesty

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We live in a time when Christians are often disturbed and divided over doctrines and practices involving the assemblies and worship of the church. But this series of studies poses, then answers, a more fundamental question: "What is worship?" This is not a study of what many today define as worship, nor a study of various practices and traditions surrounding modern ideas of worship. Instead, the Scriptures are used to see how in both Old and New Testaments the fundamental elements of worship are identified and demonstrated. The author is convinced that only when we know what the Lord, Jesus, and the apostles understood worship to be can we then make good decisions about modern practices. Fourteen Lessons 1. Worship His Majesty 2. In His Presence 3. We Bow Down 4. No Other Gods 5. God of Wonder 6. Father Abraham 7. According to the Pattern 8. In Spirit and Truth 9. Devoted to the Apostles' Teaching 10. No Eye Has Seen 11. Kiss The Son 12. Sing a New Song 13. The Ministry of the Word 14. As It Is in Heaven This Study Guide is a companion to the Worship His Majesty audio CD set. Richard Cravy has been at Sunset International Bible Institute since 1996. He works primarily with technology and graphics for the school. In addition, he serves as the evangelist and one of the elders for the Tanglewood Church of Christ in Odessa, Texas.
Richard Cravy
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A Study on the True Nature of Christian Worship