Biblical Theology of Missions Video Series - Richard Rogers (Digital Streaming & Download)

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Instructor: Richard Rogers

This course will challenge each person to look seriously at evangelism and missions and to realize that it takes hard work, conviction, commitment, and a constant belief in the authority and power of God's word to take the Word of God to a lost and dying world.

The Biblical Theology of Missions SIBI Studio Course contains 12 lessons. Listed below are the lessons included in the course.


1. Theological Presuppositions
2. Theological Imperatives

3. The Great Commission
4. The Nature of the Gospel, Part I
5. The Nature of the Gospel, Part II
6. The Nature of the Gospel, Part III
7. The Nature of the Gospel, Part IV
8. The Uniqueness of the Christian Faith
9. Missions in the Book of Acts, Part I
10. Missions in the Book of Acts, Part II
11. Missions in the Ministry of Paul
12. Missions Through Small Groups



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