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"This little book is about God and about life and about people. You can read from the beginning to the end or you can read it from the middle toward the end or from the end to the beginning.

Will Durant, in his younger days, a convicted believer in God, left his faith behind and took an agnostic position. He remained richly blessed (by God, I’d insist) and used that giftedness in a very fine way–take a look at his History of Civilization, 11 Volumes, for example. I just want to take note of a remark he made later in his life with his wife Ariel. He said they had both quite given up on the idea that there were really any bad men in the world. It’s obvious enough that there are such people but my sense of things is that Durant saw so much gallantry, patience and open-heartedness in people that he was willing to grandly overstate the case. I like that!

In my own little life, though I’ve personally seen (and heard of) cruelty and evil that beggars description, I’ve personally seen (and heard of) gentleness, self-giving and cheerful gallantry that also defies description. I wish I could tell you the stories of some of my friends, Nini, Frank, Dorothy, Charles, Billy, Billie and many strangers I have met whose way touched me deeply and reminded me of the God who makes his presence felt in astonishing places and in astonishing circumstances.

I know the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian but I’m one of those who believe that God is wonderfully at work in the lives of those who have not yet owned him as their God in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. The center and source of all goodness and loveliness is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and it’s my genuine desire that in some way he will use this collection of reflections to introduce himself to you or to come nearer."

– Jim McGuiggan, in the Forward to book


1. Paradise Promised At A Hanging
2. God Twisting His Lips
3. Esau: The Face of God Betrayed
4. I’m All You Dream About
5. Living Dogs & Dead Lions
6. Abel Magwitch
7. Rome Rules—Yes?
8. McKay & His Wife
9. Good Morning
10. The Atheist & The Bishop
11. My Brother Alex
12. The Lying Name of Empire
13. Booing At A Marathon
14. Be Of Good Cheer?
15. A Header Into Shinkawa
16. Barrel Organ In a Fog
17. The Inevitable Incarnation
18. Heaven For Smaller Things
19. He Could Not Be Hid
20. Defying The Graveyards
21. The Cross: Warning & Assurance
22. Nothing To Say For Themselves
23. The Magnificat
24. Jesus & Drumsheugh
25. Are You Tiberius?
26. War Against Seven-Headed Monsters

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Jim McGuiggan
Sunset Institute Press
Stories about the God who makes His presence known