His Eternal Plan: How to Become a New Testament Christian (DVD)

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Set of 3 DVDs plus 95-page Study Guide by Jerry Tallman – a total of twelve 27-30 minute lessons:

  • Seven lessons teaching a person how to become a Christian according to the New Testament model
  • Five lessons on the responsibilities that come with being a Christian
  • Accompanying Study Guide, His Eternal Plan: How to Become a New Testament Christian, provides the charts and other materials covered in the lessons

Lesson 1: Foundation for Christianity
Lesson 2: God's Eternal Plan
Lesson 3: Jesus, the Son of God
Lesson 4: The Sin Problem, and God's Solution
Lesson 5: Surrendering to God's Love
Lesson 6: Responding to God's Love
Lesson 7: Conversions in the Book of Acts
Lesson 8: Recipe for Faithfulness
Lesson 9: The Changed Life of the Christian
Lesson 10: The Church in the New Testament
Lesson 11: Growing through Suffering
Lesson 12: A Summary of the Facts

Jerry Tallman (1944 - 2019) graduated from Sunset International Bible Institute in 1976. He then spent his entire ministry preaching in Michigan, winning the lost, and teaching others how to share the Gospel.

Additional copies of the Study Guide, His Eternal Plan, may be ordered.


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