I Corinthians - Classroom Series DVD

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Taught by Kevin Haynes, this is an 8-DVD Video Set of the I Corinthians Course taught at Sunset International Bible Institute.
     Instructor's Description of the Course: Any study of a biblical book must first begin with an exegetical look at the text. This study begins with an overview of the city of Corinth in the Apostle Paul’s day, the historical relevance of the city, and the church established by Paul and his co-workers. We must also give adequate attention to the culture from which this church immerges and the influence it had on church life. We will look at Paul’s answers to the problems that plagued the body of Christ in Corinth. There were two major solutions that Paul offers to calm the party spirit and unite the divided body. We will also review other New Testament texts that confirm Paul’s teachings, as well as the quotes from the Old Testament which will enrich our understanding of the text. Because of the length of First Corinthians, of necessity this study must be fast-paced.

Course Objectives:
• To clearly see Jesus as “The Answer”.
• To understand the divine value of the body of Christ.
• To develop a habit of “going to scripture first” when facing issues.
• To see the practice of love as the highest virtue within the body.

Kevin Haynes is a graduate of Sunset School of Preaching & Missions ('88). He and his family were missionaries in Quito, Ecuador (1989-1993). He then served as the pulpit minister at the First Street Church of Christ in Lampasas, Texas (1994-2007) before returning to Sunset. At Sunset International Bible Institute he has served first as Interim Dean of Missions, and now Director of Continuing Education. He also is one of Sunset's instructors.

Kevin Haynes
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