I, Paul: An Apostle's Story MP3 CD

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A ten-lesson study of the life, ministry and historical background of the great Apostle Paul. Also includes a two-part re-enactment of the words of the Apostle Paul from prison presented by Brian Garnett.
Richard Cravy has been on the technology staff and a part-time instructor at Sunset International Bible Institute since 1996. Brian Garnet is an instructor at Sunset and frequent missionary to the Philippines.

Table of Contents:

  1. Growing Up Jewish
  2. A Blasphemer & Persecutor
  3. But Now I See
  4. The Making of an Apostle
  5. Preaching Christ Crucified
  6. Sharing in His Sufferings
  7. I, Paul, Write This
  8. A Theologian for Jesus
  9. The Care of All the Churches
  10. An Ambassador in Chains
  11. "I Am Paul," Part I
  12. "I Am Paul," Part II